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Commercial Pilot Fixed Wing Training

Earning your Commercial Pilot Certificate is the pinnacle of aviation training! Our commercial course emphasizes real-world flight training, and prepares you for your new career as a professional aviator. This fun, action-filled course will qualify you to begin your career as a Commercial Pilot!






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This course is designed for a Private Pilot to get them to their Commercial Pilot Fixed Wing rating.


10 Hours Complex Airplane @ $225/hr $2,250
20 Hours of Fixed wing Flight Instruction – @ $170/hr $3,400
125 Hours of Fixed Wing Flight (PIC) – @ $170/hr $21,250
20 Hours of Ground School @ $40/hr $800
FAA Written Exam Fee $150
FAA Examiner’s Check Ride Fee (Estimate) $500
2 Hour Airplane Lease for Check Ride $760
Minimum Cost $29,110

All flight times are based on the FAA’s Minimum flight requirements.  Arkansas Helicopters, LLC does not warrant that every student will be able to pass a check ride at these minimum flight times and in many cases may require more flight time than the listed minimums. All quoted prices assume students purchase non-refundable10 hour block time at $380/hr.

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